SMALL TRANS DEPOT - Refusing to return Deposit with 4 wks notice!

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SMALL TRANS DEPOT - Shady business practice by owner in returning deposit after giving a 4 that's 'four' weeks notice.

I provided 4 full weeks notice on Monday, 7/11 to Vanessa. Auri will continue to attend for the complete weeks of July 11th, July 18th, July 25th, and Aug 1st.

I have paid for the entire month of July and the first week of August.

Upon review of some files; I discovered that I am entitled to my deposit of $250.00 in return for providing a month's notice.

We are splitting hairs at this point. Regardless if you count it as 25 or 26 calendar days (not including the weekend before of July 9-10, and after on the weekend of Aug 6-7th). If you count those weekends we are at exactly 30days. The four weeks notice is 4 weeks notice regardless of counting the weekend days.

I have provided a complete month's notice and it is good business practice to return my deposit.

If the difference of me getting my deposit returned is the counting of 2 weekends; then that is a bad business practice. I believe as a business woman to business woman, you can agree that 4 weeks notice is 4 weeks notice regardless of those weekends; especially since the center does not operate on weekends.

Since I have already paid in full the tuition through August 5th. I would appreciate a check for the refund in the amount of $250.00 before then.

As a single parent, who has paid over $10K in tuition to Small Trans in 9 mths; the return of my deposit, is a reasonable right.

Thank You for your help and assistance with clearing up this matter.


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